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Simplify the risk mitigation process by improving collaboration among teams.

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Neuralys empowers teams to manage cybersecurity effortlessly by enforcing accountability, orchestrating security tools and creating mitigation strategies.

Simplify Risks Mitigation Process

Improve collaboration among teams.

Overcome security issues faster than ever before. With Neuralys you can empower teams to work together, iterating quicker on existing threats and making better decisions by enforcing accountability and closing the gap between detection and mitigation, helping to guarantee a reduction in risk exposure.

If you are one of those companies that struggle with managing risks and collaborating with internal teams and third parties to get fixes applied, Neuralys will allow you to mitigate risks faster, and better.

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NextGen Framework

Enforce Accountability

Stop sending emails and waiting for results.

Companies struggle with managing risks and collaborating with internal teams and third parties to get fixes applied. Even more, analysts are still doing manual work by sending spreadsheets and static PDF reports over email to remediate risks. Neuralys was built to help those companies to mitigate risks faster, and better, reducing efforts and saving money.

With Neuralys now you can track the whole mitigation process without sending PDFs or spreadsheets over email ever again.

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If you are not able to mitigate risks faster than new ones are discovered, then you are losing the race against adversaries and increasing your possibilities to get breached.

Reduce your Time-to-mitigation

Mitigate your risks faster.

Our collaborative workflow approach provides enterprise-level transparency, accountability, and governance to improve collaboration between security teams and business units, leveraging existing tools to make them better, and drastically reducing risk mitigation times.

Gain visibility and governance to your enterprise by efficiently managing risks, holding heads accountable on the mitigation process and enabling effective collaboration among internal and external teams.

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Risks in the language of stakeholders.

Get C-Level Informed about mitigation status

The first challenge any security team faces is getting the funds and resources from the C-Level and demonstrate an appropriate ROI associated. Currently, all security tools are purely technical and lack of simple interfaces to inform back to stakeholders about the risks present in your networks and the measures you are taking to reduce risks.

With Neuralys you can get your C-Level and management informed about how are you tackling the security challenges affecting your organization.

Extended reachability of your SOC.

Empower your Security Operations Center team

Your Security Operations Center has a lot of tools in place to detect risks and understand a security posture. However, the persons in charge of applying patches and solving the issues in your code are either internal IT teams or external third parties that are not easily influenceable by the SOC and are not evaluated by your security metrics.

With Neuralys you can make them accountable of the risks your team detect and improve the ROI associated with the purchased security tools.

Non-security teams working for you.

Get Technology Specialists accountable

When it is time to mitigate the risks your SOC detected, the Cloud Architects, Microsoft or Linux specialists, DB administrators or web app developers are non-security individuals that you require to apply remediations, but they have neither the knowledge nor the access to your security tools to understand the right context or timing.

Neuralys makes those internal/external teams accountable, giving them the right context and access following a need-to-know principle.

15+ years of experience as world-class hackers gave us the vision to create Neuralys. We are here to protect you from your adversaries.

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