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Company Dashboard

As Penetration Testers we deal a lot with customers and the first question we usually receive is: "O.K. we have hundreds of vulnerabilities, now, which is the risk for my business?". With Neuralys Company Dashboard you can quickly respond to that question.

The company dashboard gives you the trend history to rapidly understand if you are doing better or not regarding risk mitigation. You can also see your risk calculation, the total amount of vulnerabilities, and how they are distributed based on its severity level.

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Comprehensive prioritized and standardized data provides you a unique method to increase the efficiency and efficacy of your teams' remediation efforts. By making communication more efficient, you enable faster iterations and empower decision making while enforcing accountability. The ultimate goal is working smarter, not harder.

With Neuralys asset view, you have visibility of the risk level for each device across your organization, and its impact to the business. You can assign any device to the right person, enforcing accountability. As a result, you avoid sending static pdf reports or spreadsheets over email.

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Prioritize your risks based on

Security Zones

One of the most critical issues we found on different risk management tools is the fact that you cannot segregate assets and vulnerabilities based on the impact zones, and as security professionals we know that it is not same an SSL vulnerability detected on your perimeter than one found on your internal network.

Neuralys Security Zones allows you to calculate risks and prioritize vulnerabilities based on the zone detected, giving you the same amount of information, you can find at the company level, but in a security zone level, and eventually at the asset level.

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Use the platform to

Launch Scans and Audits

Neuralys allows businesses to upload risk data to the platform in order to mitigate vulnerabilities faster, by increasing collaboration. This risk information can be taken from any security tool the company may have, or even from executed penetration tests.

However, small companies don't have such tools or pen-test audits, for that reason, we allow our customers to launch security audits right from the cloud, to assess and find the risks present at your perimeter, using our embed external scanning system.

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Follow the mitigation process with the

Mitigation Tracking

Our mitigation tracking view is an excellent tool for people collaborating to mitigate risks faster, allowing Security Officers to assign devices to individuals in charge of resolving issues and at the same time, making them accountable.

With the mitigation tracking view, you can quickly see every risk affecting your company and its status, who is the person in charge of mitigating them, or if it is ready-to-review, or not. You can also track the confirmation status, marking them as confirmed, exploited or just setting them as a false positive.

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Enforce the Need to know concept with

User Profiles

Not all your users understand risks or how to use a security platform. Many tools allow the creation of users, \ with basic permissions sets, but what if the individual in charge of mitigating risks is an external developer that had never seen a security tool? What if the person in charge is an IT guy who understands just about routers and switches?

Neuralys allows different types of users to access the platform regardless if they come from security space or not. You can now invite external parties like developer firms to mitigate the risks associated with your products, avoiding the need of sending risks over email with spreadsheets!

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Restrict access to your team with the

Zone Permissions

Neuralys Platform allows business leaders and security officers to make risk calculations based on different impact or security zones, enabling more accurate risk calculations.

However, when dealing with critical information, like vulnerabilities and risks, it is essential to enforce the need-to-know principle, allowing only the persons with the right to access each particular section of the tool. That is why you can set specific permissions for each security zone for your users, combining zone access with user profile permissions.

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Manage Error situations with the

Smart Error Handling

With Neuralys Platform you are able upload risk data, using native importers, or the universal CSV importer. You can also launch scans right from the cloud interface. But, what happens if an error occurs? If we need to interpret the fault, go back, modify, and try it again, we are just spending time on the platform that we could use it to our primary business.

That's why Neuralys employs a smart error handling feature that analyzes the type of the error and proposes different solutions to the user, changing the user interface, form, etc. To make it simpler to correct and launch/import again, eventually reducing times.

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Use search operators to take advantage of the

Smart Searching

We hate forms. For that reason, we want to empower our users to search efficiently when trying to filter out results.

With Neuralys Smart Search you can use user operators (like Google dorks) to filter results. For example, you can type "critical" to filter all issues with critical severity as well as additional terms like tcp:80 or the terms "vulnerable," "fixed" or "won't Fix." in this way you can reduce time using the search field form and just "ask" for your results intuitively.

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Upload your risk data using the

Universal CSV Importer

In order to work with Neuralys Platform, you need to upload or sync vulnerability data. When dealing with vulnerabilities and risk data, primarily working with security tools, everything can be saved or exported to a comma separated value (CSV).

That is why we have a universal CSV importer that allows you to upload all your risk data no matter the tool that was used to generate that data. What’s more, if you execute a penetration-test or hire a consultant, you can ask them to export the data to CSV, or you can do it directly from the Excel spreadsheet. The import is a multi-step wizard that requests some basic information like matching columns.

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