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Advanced CyberSecurity

Our Pentest Services

Below you can find the some of the different Penetration Test services, included in Neuralys Overwatch.
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Network PentestAssess Networks and Servers

The network penetration test allows you to identify the risks associated to your servers and network devices with a focus on S.O. and installed software.

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Web Application PentestAssess your Web Applications

The web application penetration test allows to identify the vulnerabilities associated to the application layer, input validations, session management, etc.

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Web API PentestAssess your API interfaces

Application interfaces are a great advantage for talking between applications, but they open the door to new risks. Find them before an attacker.

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Social Engineering TestingSecurity awareness of your users

The users in the companies are the weakest link and the attackers know it. Verify the level of awareness of your users.

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Wireless Pentest.Assess your Wireless Networks

Companies usually protect traditional networks but forget that Wireless access can expose the security of an entire organization.

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Mobile Pentest.Assess your mobile apps

Mobile applications are a breakthrough in the user experience of their customers, but open a new universe of risks for your company.

Our team

Why us?

Each of our team members is highly motivated and passionate about cybersecurity. We maintain advanced knowledge through continuous deployment, training and credentialing. This is all we do, and for this reason, our team has been deeply ingrained in the matter from our foundations. As Cybersecurity Professionals, we have experienced how frustrating and challenging security can be, especially when being unable to reduce the exposure to risk and that is what we are devoted to.

Consequently, all our services were built using our beliefs as a foundation, giving us an unprecedented ability to deliver tailor-made solutions for every customer. It doesn't matter if our client is an enterprise or a small business, we use real-world scenarios, the latest tools, and techniques available to put your critical assets to stress, empowering our customers to reduce risk efficiently.

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Some comments we have received from our most demanding clients.
Customer Testimonails

Gentlemen, I wanted to send you my thanks for all the recent work you guys have completed for our clients over the past several years. Not only were the jobs completed in a timely matter, but the precision and dedication you put into each test are just remarkable. Your services has made Cable & Wireless stand out far above the rest. I truly enjoy the way you approach every audit from a command line or old school way of testing and not just putting IPs into a program and running. Do things this way is our approach as well, and I feel you get better and more accurate results. It has been a pleasure doing business with you, and I look forward to doing more business for many years more.

Gabriel Marcos Director, Networking, Security and Mobile Workforce Solutions at Cable & Wireless Communications. United States
Customer Testimonails

I've had the pleasure of working with Diego on numerous initiatives. He is a true professional and a master in the industry. Our collaborations involve both technical work, as well as, global sales and marketing of promising new technology in the field. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to cover all the bases necessary for a well rounded security practice no matter where you are doing business across the globe.

Julianne Keil Channel and Client Manager at iScan Online. Texas, United States
Customer Testimonails

Diego is great to work with and technically skilled in many areas. He provided good results for external reviews and pen testing and is very professional.

Tom Miller Director of Information Security for Cloud at Symantec. United States
Customer Testimonails

This great company provided Sovereign Trust with a professional, efficient and reliable service from the off. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in our field and will definitely be using their services in the future.

Jamie Zammitt Head of Information Technology at Gibraltar International Bank United Kingdom.
Customer Testimonails

I've worked with Diego on numerous projects and have always appreciated his highly professional approach and excellent communication throughout. Diego has an enormous wealth of experience and technical knowledge in all aspects of security. Diego is great person with a very positive attitude, he is always a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him much more in the future.

Adam Moss IS Compliance Manager at Post Office. London, United Kingdom.
Customer Testimonails

We found Diego very knowledgeable and responded very quickly when we utilised his services and would certainly use them again in the future.

Rebekah Angel Peachey Vice President-Compliance & Legal at Onestopmoneymanager Ltd. United Kingdom.
Customer Testimonails

Our experience with you has been highly satisfactory. We always expect the highest levels of service and commitment, and we are pleased to say that your team exceeded our expectations. We found the staff to be professional, reliable and efficient, and we greatly appreciated your detailed explanation of the vulnerability test results. We are happy to do business with you and would recommend its services to others.

Darnell Andrusakin Sales and Marketing Director at InterGlobal Communication Group. Boston, United States.
Customer Testimonails

I have worked with Diego on a number of projects and have found his penetration testing skills without parallel. The man is a real genius in the ethical hacking field and has proven his skills and dedication time and time again. I would not hesitate to use Diego again in the future and urge anyone to use him in any future penetration tests.

James Rees Managing Director at Razor Thorn. London, United Kingdom.

Our Certs

Some of our international certifications that guarantee our experience.

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