Neuralys Partner Program

The Neuralys Partner Program offers a unique and widely-used platform and a broad spectrum of services built on advanced technology, which comes with a wealth of support and benefits that help our partners succeed. Neuralys's unique approach, leverages on state-of-the-art technology, allowing partners to generate broad margins through valuable strategic services.

MSP - Enhance your security offering

MSP vendors maintain your competitive edge by becoming a MSSP with Neuralys. Refine your product offering and generate more revenue by simplifying new-service creation and integration of products that ensures unprecedented visibility as well as integration.

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Internet Service Providers

Add value to your networking offerings and drive incremental value with Neuralys. Our platform provides robust customizations, white labelling and integrations to create an authentic, seamless package to exploit new opportunities.

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Reports are dead. Provide your customers with proven, comprehensive dynamic dashboards to view and work on their risks managed from one place. We make it easy to deploy, manage and sell new security services, ultimately growing your revenue and lowering your costs.

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